Owala FreeSip Tritan Water Bottle, 25oz White

Owala FreeSip Tritan Water Bottle, 25oz White

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Bottles Made Exclusively for People Who Drink Water.

Here at Owala . we're on a mission to help you “do more of what you love.” Do you know what we love—besides ice cream . dog Instagrams . and discovering it's Friday when we thought it was Thursday? Making your life easier. When we looked at other water bottles on the market . we were pretty dang disappointed. They were either overkill or underwhelming. And let's face it . life's hard enough… you don't want bottles that leak . break . are too heavy . or in general let you down.

That's where Owala comes in. We're devoted to bringing you the best water bottle possible. Because you deserve something that supports you on every adventure—whether that's backpacking through Europe or trying to binge-watch an entire season in one day (color us impressed). A bottle that can keep you and your valuables out of the splash zone and make staying hydrated a total breeze. The FreeSip bottle is your sidekick in hydration and is ready to support you in every way. It also doesn't hurt that it's ridiculously good looking. (For that . we credit its mama.)

Trust us when we say this is the only water bottle you'll ever need. Not convinced yet? Here's a list of all its dazzling qualities.



Love to sip and swig? True to our motto (do more of what you love) . we created the FreeSip spout that lets you do both. Gone are the days of having to choose one or the other—thanks to the FreeSip bottle's handy two-way straw . you always have options. If you're looking for a water bottle with a straw . this is the one for you.


Prepare to be wowed. This FreeSip bottle has pop and lock moves that put other bottles to shame. With the press of a button . the lid springs open . letting you instantly quench your thirst. Once you're satisfied . just push on the lid to lock it down. Who knew opening and closing your bottle could be so fun?


Finally . a bottle that keeps your water right where you left it. Because let's be honest—there's nothing worse than reaching into your bag and discovering it's become a small lake. Our leak-proof top closes tight every time so that your water stays where it should.


A fun feature that's easy to get carried away with. This handy carry loop is made to feel good in your grip and make transporting your bottle absolutely effortless—even when your hands are full. Lift up the handle to use . then tuck it away when you've arrived at your destination.


NEW: Boring bottles? No thank you. Created with a wide array of colors . our FreeSip bottles will turn heads . brighten your day . and solve all your problems. (Okay fine . not the last one… but wouldn't that be nice?) Let's just say they're pretty solid choices.

If you think you're in love with the FreeSip bottle now . just wait until you meet it in person.

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